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International Association of Mesothrapy (IAM) was established to bring together outstanding specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine from around the world. Its superior goal is the educational activity by promoting the knowledge based on the latest scientific reports in the field of mesotherapy. We want each member to understand the need to continuously improve their qualifications, to make progress in surgical safety and to follow the rules of professional ethics. Our mission is to arouse enthusiasm for self-improvement of specialists with the use of the tools we as an Association provide.

We focus on strong cooperation of the members of the Association with the simultaneous support of our outstanding scientific council and Associations from around the world. We want to co-create a community of qualified specialists, cooperating with each other on many levels.

We want every member of the association to feel confident and safe in their work, both thanks to appropriate training and improvement of practical skills and to the support of outstanding members of the scientific council, legal assistance of the Association and insurance packages.


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International Association of Mesothrapy (IAM)


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